About Marvin Thompson (his brother)

Marvin Thompson

Ten years his brother’s senior, Marvin Thompson and his mother Connie Mizell, started the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth, Inc. in honour of his brother’s legacy. Marvin played an integral role in his brother’s career; he gave Jay the confidence and enthusiasm to be the best DJ. Marvin believed in Jay, told him he could do it, and was his biggest supporter. He was always protective over his brother. He tells the story of how it began, when Jay was a little boy and they were standing at a bus stop, Marvin took his eyes off Jay for one minute and the next thing he heard was “hi doggy dog” and a lot of growling. Jay had gone up to a big dog that is when he decided he would be his brother’s protector. Marvin accompanied Jay on numerous world tours including the “Raising Hell” and “Back from Hell” tours.

Marvin attended Long Island University majoring in biology. He was diagnosed with sickle-cell anaemia at six months of age; currently living with the blood disorder he travels the states speaking and lecturing on the disorder and hopes for a cure. Marvin was recently given the title of New York Champion for Q-Scan Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network. He continues to spread knowledge of sickle-cell through his work with the advocacy network.

Marvin is committed to doing the work of the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth Inc. through his community related events which include back to school, holiday toy drives and turkey giveaways during the Thanksgiving holiday. He speaks at local schools in Queens and is always looking for new way and innovative ways to move the organization forward. He was responsible for a street renaming which took place in Hollis, Queens to Run DMC JMJ Way.

Currently Marvin is working to implement and raise funds for a scholarship program for incoming college freshman. He attends church regularly and has a love for music, and a deep commitment to his family.

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