About Jason Mizell Jr (his son)

Jason Mizell Jr

Jason Mizell Jr., son of late great Jam Master Jay, has made his statement within the music industry—he’s here to make noise and, most importantly, keep the legacy of his father alive. In the 80’s when Hip Hop Music was yet to be defined and had an unshakeable need for an avenue in which to flourish, it was Jam Master Jay, along with fellow band mates of RUN DMC, that filled that need and led the way for Hip Hop Music into the American Pop Culture.

Too soon, however, Jam Master Jay was taken from the world due to a fatal shooting in 2002 and the world, along with the Mizell family, endured the tragic loss of a legend. Three years later, Jason Mizell Junior made the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and has since created a buzz within the music industry as one of the most promising new figures in the game. For the art of Djing, Jason Mizell Jr. has the strength of mind, raw talent, and dedication that can contribute towards an ever-changing sound of Hip Hop; for a path of success, he has the blood of a soldier, lessons of a leader, and memories of an icon that can impact the game.

Jason’s goal now is to continue form where his father left off and carry on with his journey in making a mark in the industry.

Growing up for young Jason, Jam Master Jay, like any father, showered his sons with unconditional love and constantly taught them of the most precious values of life. Instead of directing his children towards a path of music, as would’ve seemed predictable, he let his kids experience their own inspirations of the world and taught them to discover dreams within life towards whatever goals they set forth, even if it wasn’t music. “Growing up, my father never pushed music on to us, it was never something I felt I had to do, and at a young age, music was something I really didn’t want to do.” Jam Master Jay fixed firmly on Jason the values of achieving goals; he taught him to work hard, dream big, and respect success. As Jason grew into finding truth within these values, he found a passion for football, where he learned to strive towards accomplishments and become friends with victory. From the age of eight to eighteen, Jason played numerous games and had become extremely dedicated to the sport; he found truth within the values bestowed upon him by his father and it showed in his performance. Jason soon came to realize that he had the capabilities to gain success in anything he set his mind to.

DJing has taken Jason on an entire new journey and he’s out in hard work to make a name for himself. He’s Dj’d in the biggest Hip Hop clubs of New York, he’s opened up for various artists in the industry, toured nearly half way around the world, and has started producing his own new music. Jason is in the works of producing a documentary/reality series depicting the come-up of his life within the music industry and has also begun the beginning stages of a RUN DMC project. In constructing an empire, within which he plans to carry out his most eminent goals, he’s laid down the ground work for the various goals he plans to accomplish, and with it, has prepared himself to show the world what he’s truly capable of.

Jason’s entrance into the hip Hop game shows it takes courage, determination, and work for recognition and respect. Finding talent within yourself is only half the battle; using one’s talent is what will bring you up close and personal with true success. ” You put 5 Dj’s in a room; you’re still going to have to pick the best one, you’re gonna say yea! That’s the one, he got it.”

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